Driving on

Dear Davy Baby,

For the first time since we parted ways earlier this year, I realized I’ve been doing pretty good without you. True, our years of history meaningful memories I will never replace. True, your sleek physique is still unmatchable. And true, I still haven’t quite figured out how to parallel park Diego, your replacement, as perfectly as I could with you. But you know what? That’s okay.

Do you remember when we officially got together? I drove you to my friend’s house after Dad handed you down to me, and my friend’s mom commented, “You must have done something good.” Yes, I didn’t deserve you, but you never complained—not even after in my first accident. (I’m still sorry about that, but it’s all ancient history now right?)

Actually you were around for a lot of firsts. You were my first car. You were there during my first kiss and my first love—and you stayed for my first heartbreak. You cheered me on at my first lacrosse game, even though I wasn’t very good. You were sitting quietly with me when I got my first ticket. You also were the one to take me to first experiences at many amazing restaurants, shops and scenic views.

When I had to give you up, I was devastated. Where would all my firsts go? Who would I depend on now to take me places? Would I ever feel as comfortable again? I’m sure you were worried about me too, since we knew each other for 12 years and were together for 8. So I want to assure you that Diego is great. It wasn’t love at first sight, but he’s patient and has many wonderful qualities. Plus he’s got ultra low emissions.

I actually took him Downtown for his first time this semester. Usually I’m too timid to show him around, but it was time. And after 30 minutes of navigating him around inebriated pedestrians, constantly braking at the world’s shortest light, and making who knows how many sharp turns, nothing happened. That’s right, nothing bad happened. In fact, I found a spot where I didn’t even have to parallel park him.

Even in leaving, you taught me something about life. It’s all about driving on and progressing. It’s not just firsts that matter, but also seconds, and thirds, and fourths, as long as you’re growing with every experience. Change is not only inevitable but also beneficial.

It’s also about never forgetting who helped get you where you are and gave you strength to keep going. Even if that “who” is just a car.

Davy Baby, we had an amazing relationship, but I think I’m ready to progress.

Love always from your ex-driver,